New free PBR textures in stock!

Why should you choose Daginberth’s textures?

More colors than you can count

Most texture libraries only provide you with access to 8-bit maps, whereas Daginberth’s library offers you every map with a color depth of 16-bit! For absolutely FREE.

More realism than you can dream of

For my photo-scanned PBR textures I developed an innovative approach, in which surface details like roughness, metalness and bumps are actually captured and not estimated from one single image.

More data than you can handle

Unlike other libraries, which will use JPEG-compression to cheap out on disk space, my library only uses lossless compression (PNGs).

More eco than you can system

Not only will you get textures made by either photo scanning or procedurally generation, but also powerful nodegroups to make them your own!

Who is Daginberth?

A fellow from Germany

Ey, my name is Tassilo Scharnagl.
Just call me Daginbert(h). It’s a bit easier on the tongue than this weird German name.

With a fable for CGI

At the moment I’m finishing my Bachelor’s degree in multimedia technology specialization in Computer Generated Imagery.

And time to spare

Due to the lovely lockdown I got a bit bored and decided to share my work with the rest of the 3D community.

What got you into creating textures?

Through my general interest in 3D and photography, I quickly stumbled into the big wild world of shading and material design, which lit a (probably) inextinguishable flame inside of me.

Why open textures?

I was always fascinated by the principle of open data and software. Hince my textures are all free to use. If you want to know more about the licenses, click here.

You really do this for free?

Yep, that is correct! But if you want to support me (which would be lovely!), you can do so here:

Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee

All of the earnings will go to this project.
And maybe a beer on the weekend. I’m German after all, you know ^^